Artist J.M.W.Turner 1775 – 1851

English landscape artist J.M.W.Turner, a Londoner born and bred, went to the Royal Academy School of art when he was only 15 years old. One year later his picture was accepted in the Summer Exhibition of 1790. Elected an Associate of the Academy, which was very supportive of his free art style that evolved after his study of the Classic artist movement of old Master painters. Turner studied the science of light and colour, the theory in particular that yellow was closest colour to the production of white light in painting. Amongst his contemporaries he was a unique artist, both in freeing himself from all past artist traditions and art movements. He was to open the way for a visionary anticipation of modern painting.

This launch collection is of a handful of treasures from The Department of Prints and Drawings.

The British Museum’s huge collection of over 2 million artworks is the finest in the world and the result of centuries of bequest and acquisition.

The original paper artworks are very fragile: the media can be easily damaged and they are light sensitive. For these reasons they must be carefully conserved and cannot be put on permanent display. Limited edition facsimile print at artist’s original size in numbered edition of 350.

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