J.M.W.Turner – Switzerland

The above watercolour was painted when he returned to England. The trees are excellent, and the geological features are very well drawn, so is the behavior of the water, where it forms into a fine spray at the foot of the waterfall.

The dramatic scenery and weather effects of the Alps gave entirely new meaning to Turner’s concept of the ‚Sublime’ . His exploration of the Alps, villages and passes of Switzerland enriched his imagination and upon return to his England he made the fine watercolours above among many others.

After the Treaty of Amiens in 1802, Turner was able to travel abroad for the first time. He experienced the Alps, and on his way there saw the huge numbers of art treasures which Napoleon had amassed in Paris.

SWITZERLAND is a small European country known for its beautiful, snow-capped mountains and freedom-loving people. The Alps and the Jura Mountains cover more than half of Switzerland. But most of the Swiss people live on a plateau that extends across the middle of the country between the two mountain ranges. In this region are most of Switzerland’s industries and its richest farmlands. Switzerland’s capital, Bern, and largest city, Zurich, are also there.

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