Idrottsgården is a multipurpose sports hall located in central Mariehamn beside Idrottsparken. There is an existing judo hall but the judo competition will be held in a larger hall measuring 18 x 32 metres, which is located on the first floor.

In addition to the judo hall Idrottsgården contains an 8-lane bowling alley, weightlifting/fitness facilities, a conference room, two large changing rooms, 4 smaller changing rooms and cafeteria.

Idrottsgården is the home to Åland’s Judo Club, which has 130 members the majority of whom are juniors. There are about 20 senior members including Samuel Mäki who is a member of the Finnish Olympic Team and hoping to compete in the 2008 Games. Åland judokas won a bronze and 2 gold medals at the 2007 Finnish Championships.

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Åland’s Judo Club has vast experience in organising competitions.

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